Welcome To Sri Mangalambika Vilas Kumbakonam

Traditional South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Kumbakonam .

We are a small family owned restaurant in Kumbakonam. We serve traditional South Indian Vegetarian tiffin items and lunch meals in a humble setting. Our food is homestyle, of high quality, made fresh everyday, served at a very affordable price. Most of our customers are local working people who appreciate the quality and the tourists visiting Kumbakonam and nearby temples. With Goddess Mangalambika’s blessings, we have delighted customers for over 100 years!!

We are located in the Kumbeswarar temple Sannadhi (indoor walkway to the temple main entrance). Parking is available outside the Sannadhi on Kumbeswarar N Street. After a wonderful darshan of Lord Kumbeswarar and Goddess Mangalambika, spend some time in the Sannadhi. At the unique shops in the Sannadhi, you can purchase colorful bangles, cast iron skillet, Golu bommais, and Pooja items. After the shopping, treat yourself to some Ghee roast, Kadappa, Poori Masala, Adai Avial or steaming hot Digiri Coffee. See you Soon!!

Our Mission

At Mangalambika Vilas Coffee Hotel, our mission is to provide high quality, freshly prepared and tasty food at nominal price. We believe in the beauty of simplicity. No frills or gimmicks. Just good food at a great price!!

Our Food

At Mangalambika vilas, we are proud of the food we serve. We don’t take shortcuts in our method of preparation. We serve the famous Kumbakonam Kadappa and Gostu twice a week. We are one of the old restaurants where Kumbakonam Degree Coffee originated. Degree Coffee is a strong coffee prepared with the first decoction from the filter and cow’s milk.. Our coffee powder is a custom blend prepared exclusively for our store.
We use traditional preparation techniques, as we used to several decades ago. We grind our own spices and masala. (No store bought packaged sambar powder!) Our lunch menu uses seasonal vegetables and good quality dhals. To guarantee freshness, we grind coconut chutney several times a day.

Our Story

We don’t exactly know when it all started. But, we do know that Mangalambika Vilas has been around since 1914. Circa 1914, the establishment was operated by a widow named “Thaiyu Patti”. It was possible she inherited the establishment from her late husband. She didn’t have any children. At that time, V.G. HariHara Iyer was a 14 year old young lad. He had recently immigrated to Kumbakonam from the Palakkadu region of Kerala in search of better job opportunity. He worked under Thaiyu Patti. He rose through the ranks, earned the trust of Thaiyu Patti and eventually purchased the establishment from her when she retired. VG HariHara Iyer and his wife Smt Avayambal worked relentlessly at the business and established a flourishing enterprise. Seeing their success in the small town, slowly several extended family members also shifted to Kumbakonam from Palakkadu. Then in 1955, when Sri. V G HariHara Iyer suddenly passed away, their only son H. Rajagopalan was only 14 years old. Young Rajagopalan started working at the restaurant after his Father’s demise. Several extended family members helped Smt Avayambal run the restaurant and raise the young children. The business has survived through severals ups and downs in the family and the economy. In all these years, Rajagopalan’s commitment to maintain high quality and nominal price has not changed.
In 2014, Sri Mangalambiga Vilas crossed a huge milestone indeed for a restaurant. In 2014, Mangalambika Vilas completed 100 years of service !!. We believe that this small enterprise is still around because of its commitment to its mission. Our family is delighted to be caretakers of this legendary establishment. Current Owner H. Rajagopalan and the next generation of family members are hoping the blessing will continue.